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Our mission is to enrich people’s lives by empowering them
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New PSW Brand Ambassador
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New PSW Brand Ambassador

/ 03 Feb 2016

We've recently welcomed Carene Kelsey to the Palm State Wellness family as our first official Brand Ambassador. Carene, known on social media as CareneK Fit, is committed to using the Arkworld Products as a part of her fitness regimen as she works towards her goal of becoming a bikini competitor and model.

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PSW News

2016: The Year to End Body Shaming

/ 29 Dec 2015

On December 29, 2015, Women's Health magazine announced the end of using the terms 'Bikini Body' and 'Drop Two Sizes' from their cover. This decision comes after polling readers about terms they wanted the magazine to stop using. Women's Health asked, they were answered, and they listened.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

David Henry Thoreau -


My body fat was 17-18%, after 12 days on ShipShape its now at 14% & I'm on a bulking diet doing just 20 mins cardio a day. The X-Cell has really helped reduce my muscle aches from working out too. I'm stronger in the gym because of these products.

Lee - Male Body Builder

2 years ago I had my right hip replaced and experienced a fairly reasonable rate of recovery (1st phase 6 weeks). Since then I have started taking the Ark 1 Pink Drink. This year I had my left hip replaced and my care giver and I noticed my return to mobility, walking and healing were all much quicker, around 2-3 weeks. As an RN, I can confidently say that Pink Drink doubled the rate of my healing.

Trevor - RN

I suffered for years with a perpetual headache and a real lack of enthusiasm to do anything. After a couple of weeks of taking the Ark 1, I started to notice a big difference in my energy levels and for a change, I was feeling energized. It has a great taste & is just a wonderful product.

Debora - Office PA
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